TS-11 Iskra PRO-Set 1/48 – Best Model on the Market?

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On Wednesday will be relased model kit of TS-11 Iskra PRO-Set 1/48 scale. Model kit is designed for demanding modeler who needs perfect exterior and interior details out of the box. See what kits are available on market and what are Iskra Pro-Set benefits. Check out now!

Models of Iskra 1/48 – what is available?

There are already two kits of  TS-11 Iskra 1/48 scale available now.

  •  TS-11 Iskra EZ-Set model from Arma Hobby offers perfect shape and very good detail. If you are looking for quick built kit that fits you collection – TS-11 EZ set is perfect choice
  • Older kit is manufactured by  Choroszy Modelbud, available in several boxes with different markings. It contains dropped flaps (simplified) and a lot of weaponry, most of them like bombs are not used on Iskra i regular service. Advantage of that kit is price, disadvantages are many errors (canopy frames, flaps etc.) and fit problems. It may be recommended to modelers that have a lot of time to build and are looking for bargain kits..

 TS-11 Iskra PRO-Set 1/48 Model

Probably the best detailed, easy to build, and accurate kit of TS-11 Iskra 1/48 scale. Kit features not only accurate profile of original aircraft, but also detailed cockpit, full engine, weapons and pylons, flaps air brakes and FOD covers.

TS-11 Iskra Pro-set 1/48








Decals offers 4 different color schemes, classic alluminium, two camouflaged and one colorful with navy blue shark. Decal sheet also contains all stencils for both dark and light color schemes

malowania TS-11 pro

kalkomania iskra proset

Competition winner TS-11 Iskra

Model of TS-11 Iskra PRO-Set is especialy recommended for those who enter competition. It is competition winner Out of the Box. Parts division is designed to make easy  opening engine and avionics sections. When you add engine wiring and make from scratch avionics in nose section – you Iskra would win other competions categories.

Buy TS-11 Iskra models and accessories  1/48 in Arma Hobby link

Author: Wojtek Bułhak

Wojtek skleja modele od przedszkola. Był wychowankiem a następnie instruktorem w klubie "Śmigiełko". Z wykształcenia biolog od żab od 15lat pracuje w branży modelarskiej. Skleja figurki i trochę pancerki oraz samolotów. Preferuje polska tematykę oraz lotnictwo US Navy. W firmie Arma Hobby jest wspólnikiem odpowiedzialnym za marketing i sprzedaż.

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