Wanted to buy Iskra 1/48 – EZ-set?

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TS-11 Iskra EZ-set sale for subscribers starts on Saturday at 10:00 am CET. The number of models is limited, sign up today for the newsletter to not miss the opportunity to buy at a special price.

Please read carefully, in order to clearly understand on what basis, our subscribers receive the first Iskra model.

TS-11 Iskra 1/48 EZ-set – subscriber’s sale rules

The Iskra will go on sale on Saturday, December 6th, 2014 at 10:00  CET. For the first three days she will be available only to subscribers via a special link. The number of models is limited and the time for the Christmas is very short. For all who buy the first day of the sale, we offer exceptional prices as well as additional promotions and gifts.

After three days of sales in the store the available models will be sold for everyone in shop in the higher target price. As I said several times, we fail to maintain the originally announced price, Iskra is much more difficult to design and produce a model than we expected. We would like to ,  be unfair to subscribers who have supported us from the beginning of the project. It is a reason we offer unique conditions for them for the first day of sales.

Models will be shipped in the next week, first ordered first come. If you want to get a model for the Christmas (Poland and Europe, but we can not guarantee Post services)- take your time and buy the very first day!

Do not miss the promotion for subscribers Subscribe now!

Instruction for  TS-11 Iskra EZ set

Here are some instruction sketches:

Author: Wojtek Bułhak

Wojtek skleja modele od przedszkola. Był wychowankiem a następnie instruktorem w klubie "Śmigiełko". Z wykształcenia biolog od żab od 15lat pracuje w branży modelarskiej. Skleja figurki i trochę pancerki oraz samolotów. Preferuje polska tematykę oraz lotnictwo US Navy. W firmie Arma Hobby jest wspólnikiem odpowiedzialnym za marketing i sprzedaż.

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