TS-11 – main landing gear

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Current work on the Iskra goes two ways. We are till comparing the 3D model to the recently received plans from aircraft factory. Meantime it was finished main landing gear and landing gear bay.

As I wrote recently comparison of the finished 3D model to the received plans will take some time and hopefully it will not force corrections to the model. Today we present to  modelers renderings of main landing gear of TS-11 Iskra

Renderings of main landing gear of the TS-11

Please review the renderings and feel free to comment. Your suggestions and corrections will allow us to design for even better model of Iskra.

 hatch chassis ts-11 spark

 chassis tS-11

 from the bottom

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Author: Marcin Ciepierski

Marcin jest profesjonalnym projektantem 3D. Przygodę z modelami zaczął w klubie "Śmigiełko" jako nastolatek. Skleja modele samolotów US Navy w skali 1:72. W firmie Arma Hobby jest wspólnikiem odpowiedzialnym za projektowanie modeli.

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  1. I really appreciate the efforts you are putting in to ensure an accurate model is produced. I’m sure I can speak for many when I say that we don’t mind waiting a little longer in order for the comparison to be completed.

    With the landing gear, will you be making the wheels as one piece, or will the hubs be made separate?

    Thanks again!

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