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Welcome to website devoted to TS-11 Iskra model from Arma Hobby. It is our lead topic under Arma Hobby brandname  for 2014. We are planning to publish news about project progress within following weeks. You can find there also some reference material as well as polls and prize competitions.

TS-11 Iskra (“Spark”) is probably themost important aircraft in Polish Military Aviation hostory. Since early ’60s of XX Century it was basic jet rainer in Polish Peoples Republic, then in Polish Republic Air Forces. It was Polish designed and manufactured aircraft, exported also to India. Polish Aerobatic team still fly them in Airshows.

TS-11 Iskra

Iskra is for sure best choice model kit to be released by advanced technology model company from Poland.

How Arma Hobby model kits are designed?

Our models are casted with polyurethane resin. But they are deisigned with CAD CAM 3D software and then printed 3D. It makes them extremely accurate and easy to built thanks to perfect fit.

iskra - projekt modelu 1:48

What kits of Iskra are planned?

In Spring  2014 there are planned two 1:48 Iskra kits to be released.

  • First in pro-set series contains separate control surfaces, all flaps details and air brakes. Avionics and engine compartments have separate covers. Highest quality decals and big photoetched parts fret are included. Kit is prepared for modelers looking for detail level compared to plastic kit stuffed with aftermarket resin and PE, but built easily out of the box.
  • Second one easy-set series. Easy build represents airplane shape and exclellent surface details. Decals for one aircraft and regular photoetch are included. Model is prepared for modelers looking for one weekend project.

For Christmas  1:72 TS-11 Iskra kit is planned. Then a 1:32 or1:144 kits may be released, depending on modelers needs.

Author: Wojtek Bułhak

Wojtek skleja modele od przedszkola. Był wychowankiem a następnie instruktorem w klubie "Śmigiełko". Z wykształcenia biolog od żab od 15lat pracuje w branży modelarskiej. Skleja figurki i trochę pancerki oraz samolotów. Preferuje polska tematykę oraz lotnictwo US Navy. W firmie Arma Hobby jest wspólnikiem odpowiedzialnym za marketing i sprzedaż.

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