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Working on a 3D design of scale model is a long process. It has to be carefully conducted because it determines the quality of the model kit. The first thing is to get good scale drawings aircraft. Then a comparison with the dimension data and lots of photos. As part of the familiarization with the aircraft I made a series of pictures in the closest available Iskra , which is in the Museum of the Polish Army. With drawings, publications and photos, I could start  the 3D modeling . And because there are no ideal drawings and images are often distorted – there were tedious long hours for the designer work in the 3D modeling.

model 3D - Iskra

Our model is based on scale drawings by Grzegorz Skowronski , published in Model Hobby magazine in Poland. Author sketched excellent quality drawings of TS-11 Iskra from Air Force unit he served. It was necessary, however, to catch some distortion in print and minor mistakes of drawings.


Time consuming work involved digital sculpting the outer surface, to determine the correct shape and develop in 3D all transitions between elements of the airframe. During reverse engineering of Iskra’s airframe I gained much respect for the constructor. Small airplane, a very nicely designed. I can no longer wait to have a finished model !


After establishing airframe shapes came time to divide it into parts . We chose a breakdown by major sections, the main part of the fuselage cast as a whole. This will help with an easy fit of separate engine cover from the rear of the fuselage and avionics on the bow. But on the division of  kit parts I would write next time.

Author: Marcin Ciepierski

Marcin jest profesjonalnym projektantem 3D. Przygodę z modelami zaczął w klubie "Śmigiełko" jako nastolatek. Skleja modele samolotów US Navy w skali 1:72. W firmie Arma Hobby jest wspólnikiem odpowiedzialnym za projektowanie modeli.

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